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Information to buy an authentic Iberico ham from Spain with complete safety and guarantees.


If you want to enjoy in this Christmas with an authentic Iberian ham "patanegra" from Spain, but you have doubts about the quality or guarantees of hams that you can see on internet, let me tell you what we do in Alicex.

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We want to you know us ;)

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Besides the physical aspect, the main difference between the Iberian porks and white porks(serrano) is the way they are bred and the food they receive.

The authentic Iberian pork are reared on freely always in the meadows (dehesa) of the Spanish regions (mainly Extremadura and western Andalucia) that since ancient are dedicated to breeding of this race. They do exercise daily during the search for their food in the "montanera", which is the period of pork fattening with acorns and fresh herbs in the meadows.

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This combination of freedom and diet is the reason that the hams and charcuterie of Iberian pig are so appreciated by the human beings.

Since March 2013, the Quality Standard of Iberian pork (is pending approval by the European parliament) allows are bred in farms, enclosed without exercise capacity. This type of reared is known among professionals as "Pork of Rejilla" and for the public must appear on the label as "Cerdo Ibérico de Cebo".

For professionals who carry a lifetime watching the Iberian pork run and eat freely in the pasture, this new category is one step backwards in the quest for excellence. Alicex not have any products that come from Iberian pigs reared without freedom.

If you want to enjoy an authentic iberian ham, be sure it has been reared in freedom.

The white porks are reared on farms, without freedom, without doing any exercise. Only eating fodder made ​​with cereals.