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Trust and security in the online store Jamones Alicex

Information to buy an authentic Iberico ham from Spain with complete safety and guarantees.


If you want to enjoy in this Christmas with an authentic Iberian ham "patanegra" from Spain, but you have doubts about the quality or guarantees of hams that you can see on internet, let me tell you what we do in Alicex.

Please, read in this link.

We want to you know us ;)

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Iberico Ham Bellota 50% Iberian Race

Iberico Ham Bellota "patanegra" from iberian breed pigs from Extremadura, Spain.

Reared in freedom in the meadows of Jerez de los Caballeros with acorns and natural grasses.

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Jamones Alicex

In Jamones Alicex we manufacture our own hams and sausages with Iberian pigs of Spain, raised in freedom in the natural largest area where bred it the Iberian pig of Spain, Extremadura.


Iberico Ham Bellota from Spain


Welcome to our company, located in the heart of the Meadows of Extremadura, a region of Spain where they breed 65% of Iberian pigs known as "patanegra".

This ham is an Iberico Ham of Acorns (Bellotas), the highest quality. Because it is of Iberian pigs breed reared in freedom in the field and fed on acorns and grasses fresh in their last 6 months of life. The "Serrano hams" from white pigs are reared confined in stalls and only eat grain of cereals.

Tip 1 - The main difference between the Iberico Ham and Serrano ham is that the pig Iberico breeds in freedom, doing exercise and eaten acorns and fresh grass. The pig of the Serrano Ham does not make exercise and eats only grains

Differences between a Iberico Ham and Serrano or Italian Ham by Jamones Alicex

Tip 2 - As you can see from the photo, the Iberian ham is much more stylized by the exercise that makes it in the meadow. Like the athletes have their body defined by exercise and good nutrition.

Master craftsmen with 30 years manufacturing experience of iberian hams and sausages.

This Bellota Iberico ham is the result of years of experience, craftsmanship and knowledge of traditional people of Extremadura.

The first Iberian pigs that come into the meadows of Extremadura in the month of October each year, are those who find the fields full of fresh grass and newly fallen acorns of oak trees.

Walking, eating and relaxing in the tranquility of the countryside like real princes.

The Acorns provide to the Iberian pig vitamins, minerals, antioxidants and oleic acid.

This enviable lifestyle transforms fat ham (bacon) in a major natural remedies to prevent heart disease and lower cholesterol.

That's how they achieve between 170 to 190 kilograms having when they leave the meadow.

After curation time a minimum of 28 months according to the weight of the ham, the result is a quality product, carefully selected to enjoy it by lovers of Iberico ham.

And enjoy the taste of authentic Iberico Ham from Spain.

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We send you:

1 Exquisite Iberico Ham of Bellotas from Extremadura.

Presentation: Whole piece in cardboard box with ham wrapped in absorbent paper and white cotton cover with red mesh.

Our elaboration system ensures an Iberico ham low salt.

jambon iberique bellota alicex

We hope that you enjoy it with your family or friends.

Quality Guaranteed.

- Iberian breed pigs ( 75% to 100%) reared in freedom.

- Certified by Quality Standard Iberian of the Government of Spain View

- Weight between 7 to 7,5 Kilograms.

- Diet: acorns (bellotas) and fresh grass in meadows of Extremadura.

- Factory Prices and Guarantee of purchase in the Origin of production.

- Free returns if you are not satisfied.

- More information in the Technical Sheet.

How to enjoy it:

- Keep the ham in a cool and dry place.

- How to carve a ham? Video.

- The ideal serving temperature is 25 ° C, the ham must sweat.

- Cover the cutting area with white cotton sheath that wrapped the ham.

- You just have to enjoy!.

We serve this product to companies across Europe, more information here.

Read frequently asked questions about Ibérico Ham

  • Texture : slightly fibrous.
  • Taste : delicate, slightly salty or sweet.
  • Race : Iberian with a 50% to 75% purity.
  • Weight : 6.8 - 7.5 kg
  • Origin : Pastures of Jerez de los Caballeros, Extremadura
  • Fat : bright, aromatic and pleasant taste.
  • Exterior form : elongated, slender, keeping the hoof.
  • Curing : 28 to 36 months.
  • Conservation : You must put this product in a cool and dry place. And to prevent drying, cover the area of cut with the bacon that you cut on start.
  • Color : Characteristic, from pink to reddish purple.
  • Certification: Quality Standard of the Iberian pig from Spain
  • Expiration date : We recommend consume this product within 6 months after purchase
  • Odor : nice and full of nuances.
  • Feed : 100% Bellota


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From Opinión
02/2/2014 ANGEL P. #14100 Sorprendido por la rapidez en el envío. Calidad buenísima. Sin duda, uno de los mejores jamones que he probado.
12/19/2012 Pablo, Ponferrada. 12904 ¡Todo perfecto! Y el jamón está muy rico.
Muchas gracias por los Jerecitos, y por la rapidez en el envío. Felices fiestas.
09/17/2012 Joan, Barcelona. 12816 Encantados de encontraros porque estamos muy satisfechos con la calidad del jamon. Exquisito, Moltes gràcies.
09/9/2012 Toni Catarroja. 12803 Muy contentos con el jamón lo estamos disfrutando, y al mismo tiempo haciendo un poco de publicidad por el Levante de los buenos jamones de Extremadura, en cuanto a la tienda Online es sencillo hacer el pedido y funciona perfectamente. Saludos.
08/27/2012 Jonh, London. 12760 Spectacular taste of the Extremadura Bellota ham. Unbeatable price. Shipped to London 5 days, perfect. Thanks for a great Bellota.
08/20/2012 Giuliano, Piemonte. 12751 Grazie mille. Sono molto felice del prosciutto, di voi e della serieta' votra!
05/29/2012 Dani, Cáceres. 12652 Hola paisanos, todo perfecto. Muy rico el jamon y gracias por los vasitos de patés. Viva el jamon de Extremadura.
05/2/2012 Mario, Valencia. 12602 Buenas noches. Hoy he recibido el pedido, todo perfecto. El jamon muy bueno. Muchas gracias. Un saludo.
03/12/2012 Luis, Madrid. 12570 Hola, el pedido ha llegado correctamente y según quedamos. Muchas gracias por todo, el jamón está muy bueno. Un saludo.
02/25/2012 Jose, Zamora. 12651 Buenas tardes, llegó el pedido hace unos días así que les doy mi opinión. Primero
quiero agradecer la atención y sobre los productos les felicito, el jamón de bellota esta muy bueno. Y el salchichón también nos ha gustado mucho. Un saludo.

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