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Trust and security in the online store Jamones Alicex

Information to buy an authentic Iberico ham from Spain with complete safety and guarantees.


If you want to enjoy in this Christmas with an authentic Iberian ham "patanegra" from Spain, but you have doubts about the quality or guarantees of hams that you can see on internet, let me tell you what we do in Alicex.

Please, read in this link.

We want to you know us ;)

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Selection of Iberian pates

Box with an Assortment of 45 capsules of homemade paté for breakfast or serve as appetizers.

Choose the Full Assortment or Make your own assortment.

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Why have to be boring and monotonous our breakfasts?

We think not. And so we created this range of homemade paté that will make you enjoy your breakfast every morning.

You can choose the Full Assortment to test the full range of flavors and textures. Or create your own assortment to your liking.

In any case, you can enjoy of:
Ibérian Paté: Liver of Iberian pork and spices.
Cream of Turkey Ham: Soft and light cream.
York Cream: Cream of sweet ham that is the favorite of children.
Natural tomato: Only contain tomato of field.
Sobrassada: The Best, with meat of iberian pork.
Cachuela (Caldillo): Paté of liver pork, lard, onion and spices. Typical of Extremadura and Andalusia.
Zurrapa with white lard: Ibérian loin of pork with lard. Exquisite taste.
Zurrapa with red lard: With red peper.
Red Lard of pork: pork lard and spices.
Cured Ham: cream with iberico ham cured to spread on toast.

What do you choose?

Each Box of assortment of patés Jerecitos contains 45 capsules.

The Full Assortment contains:

5 units of Ibérian Paté.
5 units of Cachuela (caldillo).
5 units of Natural Tomato.
5 units of Cream of Sweet Ham (york).
5 units of Cream of Turkey Ham.
5 units of Zurrapa of Loin with white lard.
5 units of Cured Ham paté.
5 units of Red lard of pork
5 units of Sobrassada with meat of iberian pork.

How to create my own assortment.

Below this text you can see the products that other customers bought with this Assortment. After this information you can see "My Personal Assortment" with text box to type the units of your personal selection of pates.

Each box contains 45 capsules, so just type in each text box the number of units you want of each. Look at this example.

Iberian Pate: 10
Tomato: 10
Ham: 10
Sobrassada: 5
Cream of Turkey Ham: 5
York Cream: 5

Check that the total sum is 45 and press the button: Save. It only remains to add your Personal Assortment to cart, go to the top of the page and press the button: Add to cart.

Do you want more than one box?

Easy, repeat the same operation with the new personal selection of pates and click Save and Add to cart.

Hope that you enjoy every breakfast with your family or friends.

Ideal for breakfast, snacks and canapés. Capsules of: 26 g. approx. NO NEED COOL FOR CONSERVATION - CONSERVATION APPROX 1 YEAR.


Quality, Price, Customer Service
From Opinión
11/2/2013 Isabel -Madrid. 13210 Exquisita la cachuela y el paté. Entrega rápida. Gracias
11/16/2012 Luis, Sevilla. 12887 Surtido de patés Jerecitos muy variado y bueno. Gran descubrimiento la mouesse de pavo.

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My Personal Assortment

  • Liver pork paté:
  • Paté of ham:
  • Cachuela (Caldillo):
  • Natural Tomato:
  • Cream of Turkey Ham:
  • Sweet Ham Cream:
  • Loin with white lard:
  • Loin with red lard:
  • Iberian pork Sobrassada:
  • Red lard:

* Check that are 45 units and click SAVE and ADD TO CART