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Trust and security in the online store Jamones Alicex

Information to buy an authentic Iberico ham from Spain with complete safety and guarantees.


If you want to enjoy in this Christmas with an authentic Iberian ham "patanegra" from Spain, but you have doubts about the quality or guarantees of hams that you can see on internet, let me tell you what we do in Alicex.

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We want to you know us ;)

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Parts and flavors found in an Iberian ham.

Jamones Alicex Part of spanish iberian ham

Maza: The widest part of the ham, pleasing, juicy and tasty. With more fat infiltrations where we will obtain the best taste.

The slices or "lascas" will be soft to the touch, sweet to the taste and his flavor remind us to dried fruits.

Babilla: The opposite side of the Maza. More thinner, also juicy but with less infiltration of fat. It has a higher grade of maturation, a darker color and a more consistent flavor that may remind nuts.

When the ham is to eat slowly, for example at home. It is recommended to start cutting this area as having less fat will harden before the Maza.

Contramaza y Punta: This Hip area has some difficulty to cut the slices by the bone. In this zone we will cut small slices but with equally taste because infiltration of fat and a higher level of cure than the Maza.

To the palate you will have the slight taste of salt from salting process, will surprise with the taste of natural spicies and you will see such as the juiciness of the ham persists in our palate.

Caña y Jarrete: The Jarrete zone is also known such as Codillo. The chefs using this zone to cut the famous "tacos of ham", ham in small pieces to give taste. Is a juicy zone with intense flavor that offers a multitude of nuances on the palate.