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Trust and security in the online store Jamones Alicex

Information to buy an authentic Iberico ham from Spain with complete safety and guarantees.


If you want to enjoy in this Christmas with an authentic Iberian ham "patanegra" from Spain, but you have doubts about the quality or guarantees of hams that you can see on internet, let me tell you what we do in Alicex.

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We want to you know us ;)

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Here we try to answer all questions and issues that you may have about iberian hams or sausages.


If you need more information, contact us:

Email: - Telf: 034 924 751 822 (business hours)

Solve your doubts about the Spanish Iberian pork products.

- Differences between a Iberian pig and a white pig.
Besides the physical aspect, the main difference between the products of the Iberian pig and white pig is the food and how it bred.
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- Parts and Meats of a spanish iberian pork.
In the next picture you can see the parts of a iberian pork and types of meats.
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- Is better a Iberian ham than one "patanegra" ham?
The word "patanegra" is a popular expression used in Spain to refer to Iberian ham.
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- Ham from pigs reared in freedom in the field or in farms?
Undoubtedly, bred in freedom in the meadows. The pigs that are bred in the dehesa make exercise and strengthen his legs looking acorns and fresh pastures.
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- Types of Iberian hams. New Standard 2013.
Since March 2013 the new Iberian Quality Standard, which is already approved and only need to publish in the Official State Bulletin. Difference the types of ham depending on the purity of the race, the way they have reared and food they received.
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- Ham with certificate PDO or without?
The Iberian hams certified by the Regulatory Council of the Denomination of Origin Dehesa Extremadura are the highest quality.
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- Parts and Flavors of Iberian ham.
Caña - Jarrete or Codillo - Maza - contramaza - Punta and Babilla.
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- Ideal time of maturation of an Iberian ham.
An ham should be in the dried camera between 24 to 36 months for optimal maturation and an Iberian shoulder between 18 and 28 months.
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- How to conserve an Iberian ham at home?
Iberian ham always be stored in a fresh and dry place, not need cold.
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- How to conserve the iberian sausages?
Our Iberian sausages (loins, sausage, chorizo, salchichon, ...) are vacuum packed to preserve all his properties and flavor.
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- Different flavor between a shoulder and an Iberian ham.
Iberian ham is a piece bigger than the shoulder.
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- Mold in iberian hams. Is it normal?
A ham has two different faces. La Maza, has abundant fat (tocino), and usually look old and pale yellow. This color indicates the maturation of the ham. The other side, the Babilla. It is darker with less fat and always has a bit of mold.
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- Are our products suitable for celiac people?
Gluten is a protein found in some grains such as wheat, barley, rye, triticale (hybrid of wheat and rye) and possibly oats.
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- I see a small hole in the ham.
During the maturation process, the hams and shoulders must undergo various quality checks.
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- How much is a iberian ham?
The Iberian ham is not a luxury item and is not of seasonal.

Traditionally most of purchases are made at Christmas, but habitual consumers say the good Iberian ham is enjoyed equal or better the rest of the year and with even better prices.
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- How to cut a iberian ham
Place the ham in the ham holder with the hoof up (Maza, widest part), if you eating frequently. Otherwise, put the hoof down to start cutting the narrowest part (Babilla) which has less fat and hardens before.
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- Why choose a iberian ham of Jerez de los Caballeros?
Jerez de los Caballeros has one of the largest townships in Spain, with 740.55 km2 and much of this extension is wooded meadow and cork oaks that provide acorns which is the main food of the Iberian pig.
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- Hams without hoof. What are they?
Surely, anything less Iberian ham. The original iberian ham always has the hoof. If a ham has not hoof is to hide that not is an Iberian ham.
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- What are the white dots you see in a iberian ham?
Do not worry if there are not many. They are crystallizations of an amino acid  called thyroxine, which occur during the maturation process of ham.
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- Iberian hams Serrano. Is it right?
The serrano ham of white pork, not is iberian "iberico" ham. In the Iberian quality not exist "serrano".
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- Commercial ads: Reserve, Premium, Nobility, Superior, Gold,...
You should not trust in this labels because are only commercial trappings that most of the time all it get is confusing consumers.
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- Fat on Iberian ham
How much fat should have a Iberian ham? Why some have more fat than others? We try to resolve these questions.
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- Iberian ham during pregnancy.
A recent study published in the press in late 2012 said that the Iberian ham can be consumed by pregnant women.
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